About ASTRAL REMEDY (Astrologer, Vastu, Aura-Chakra Consultant)

www.astralremedy.in is a portal founded by Shri Varun Gupta (a well known aura and cosmic energies specialist and an astrology researcher) with the main objective of helping people acquire a healthy change in the mind and lifestyle. Team Astral Remedy can help people change their lives for the better.

Astral Remedy provides you deep analysis and diagnosis over three types of Energy fields: Cosmic, Astral and Vastu

A human being is half animal and half spiritual. The planets can apply pressure on the animal nature or the unconscious realm of existence. The more aware we become, the less the planets can influence us negatively. Team Astral Remedy helps people follow a sattvic and spiritual lifestyle and make this possible.

Journey started from deep spiritual interest, while exploring the truth behind our existence I stepped into a research to understand scientific aspects of life. As my research was going on, I was exploring science behind the cause of everything happening. After certain level, different aspects of Life comes to the same concept of science i.e. Energy. I got a thought to share the facts about this great science of Energy as a cure and remedy to all our problems.

Materializing this thought of giving remedy and creating awareness about Energies within, Astral Remedy was developed. What my experience says is, by knowing the root cause you can conclude the solution.

3-Way Energy Healing to cure your life completely; first is elimination of negative energy then shielding you from negativity and at last energizing energy fields.

Our remedial procedures are explored from several ancient and are scientific. Remedial methods our simple to follow and not even its scientifically explainable but also measurable.

Methods used by us as diagnostic procedure to find out your actual problem;

  • Astrology
  • Kirlian Aura Camera
  • Dowsing and Frequency Scanner
  • Digital polycontrast photography

Varun Gupta C.S. Engg, Astrologer Jyotish Praveen (ICAS), Vastu Consultant, Aura and Chakra Energy Expert

Graduated from computer science engg, 12 years of research and experience in vedic Parashari Astrology and Vastu. Aura and Chakra energy expert for diagnosis of aura and chakra energies trained in various scientific devices such as frequency scanner, kirlian camera and digital aura photography. Certified as Geo mancer, can help you to provide geopathic stress treatment and solution for pollution EMF for radiation free zone.

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