Chakra & Aura Healing services (Balancing & Cleansing)

Note: You must know before Chakra Healing Therapy

  • Any change in body is never permanent. Body comes to its habitual state after some time, so all changes after therapy will be temporary. If person will not follow cleansing and preventive measures for negativity.
  • If this therapy is taken repeatedly one can experience spiritual rise, cure from chronic illness, behavioral disorders and many problems including feeling of negativity could be cured.
  • Repeated therapy could be needed for chronic problems.
  • Healing must be repeated after required duration till body develops its immunity against negative energy.

Results over GDV camera and aura photography after chakra healing and energizing
aura reading after chakra balancing
disease diagnosis by thermal aura photography
red colour in back heart chakra (left image) is reduced (right image) after chakra healing and energizing