Devices & Method for Aura imaging-photography & Chakra scanning

Aura is combined energy of our body’s pre and post natal energy. And further body chakra are nothing different but just aura energy on different layers and levels of body.

Aura-Chakra energies can be measure on three factors (neuro current, frequency sensing technique and thermal sensing) or we can say three different techniques are developed to diagnose or measure the chakra.

  • Bio-Electric current in meridian (kirlian camera)
  • Thermal Frequency Sensing technique (digital dowsing)
  • Thermal imaging photography system (polycontrast photography)

Aura & Chakra energy imaging (bio-electric field using kirlian camera)

Our body has 72 thousands meridians which works on current. Medical science says our body has neuro-electric current in meridians named neuro transmitter chemical. ShriRam Sharma Acharyaji had researched more on our body’s current, he told how this electric current can be regenerated by scientific approach using metals, stones and induced frequencies. Regenerated bio-current can help in healing and improving Aura energy.

aura photography by kirlian GDV camera

This current in meridians creates the magnetic flux around the body skin known to be Aura, same as magnetic field around wire having current.

This can be measured using kirlian photography. Photons in aura energy field could be processed, which glows according to their intensity. Their glowing intensity tells about the width and density of photons. Photonic width could be upto 2 inches around meridians on body surface.

chakra scanning and reading using GDV scanner

Our body has thousands of meridians all of which works on current. Medical science says our body has neuro-current in meridians named neuro transmitter chemical. Conjunction of different meridians forms chakra. Meridians connected to specific Chakra could be assessed for bio electric current, as because all meridians of chakra comes to specific area of fingers from where it could be checked using kirlian photogyaphy.

Energy in each meridian must be minimum of 4 joules. If all the meridian connected to specific chakra has an average energy of 4 joules it means that Chakra is functioning properly.

Aura & Chakra scanning and reading by Thermal Frequency Technique

As we have DNA, DNA is our mapping which holds complete science of body in itself. Likewise our Aura energies are also the complete map of body the only difference is that Aura is the form of energy unlike DNA which is manifested form of same energy. Everybody have unique DNA which means our Aura is also unique in nature.

Therefore its easy to trace out Aura dimensions, by using thermal frequency sensing device. We put a energy sample of person using salaiva, hair or blood. Than this sample is read by scanner to search for the person and range till where the scanner could trace the person is the dimension of his/her Aura energy field.

Normal human body Aura energy field must be atleast of 2.4 meters in radius, it means scanner must trace it till this range. Aura can be calculated by this method also and this is the most practically beneficial way to measure it. Below 1.5 meter will be critical medical condition or higher negative energies in body. And people with above 4-5 meter of radius are exceptional in some way in their life.

Our body’s organs works on different frequencies range such as brain work on Schumann frequency i.e.; 7.83 Hz means 7.83 cycle in one second, brains normal frequency range is 2 Hz to 70 Hz according to our conditions. Every organ has its own working frequency. Range of these frequencies is another type of energy field around our body. In other words radius till where these frequencies are emitted from body could be diagnosed easily using frequency scanner, higher the radius means chakra is strong. Chakra must have minimum of 2.5 meters radius range of frequency around body.

Every chakra have different aura radius and there composite energy is basic aura of the body. Chakra with maximum radius range is most prominent and active chakra, chakra with blockages have less than 2 meters radius.

Below 1.5 meter will be critical medical condition or higher negative energies in body. And people with any chakra above 4-5 meter of radius provides exceptional powers of that particular chakra.

Aura Chakra photography by Thermal Photographic Interference

Now the third one and the most uncommon, but can be strongly useful in medical aspects.

Our body works on low frequencies therefore lighter and cold energy signifies pure and strong Aura. Low frequencies are lighter with low density and cold in nature but as the frequency rise density increases, energy becomes heavy and hot. Frequencies or energies emitted from body are differentiated according to their temperature, and each range of temperature is signified by a color.

This concept of energies temperature is useful because in general practice it is proven that medically unfit body parts emits hot and heavy energies, and completely sound brain and body organs emits lighter energies. Also when body organs absorbs negative energies such as IR, UV or spirit than that part of body energy will become extreme heavy in energy. Heavy energies are hot and light energies are cold, this technique uses thermal imaging system. Read More Science and concept behind Aura photography. How Aura images are read and captured ?