Complete solution to vastu dosha and negative energies in home, shops office or factories.

Fill your place with full of divine and blissful energy

How we can help; our professional experience on various vastu sites and projects can help you find precise cause to your sufferings.

Our research on Vastu Shastra, could also explain the relation between human body aura, chakra energy, emotions and vastu. This can help to resolve things on root level.

Benefits in our Vastu consultation

  • we follow traditional procedure according to vastu shastra
  • remote consultation through map layout
  • availability of all technology and instrument developed in field of vastu
  • scientific diagnosis of negative energy using digital frequency scanner
  • environment energy sensing using GDV kirlian electric discharge
  • remedies without altering the construction of structure

We provide complete solution to various negative fields like any Vastu dosha, evil spirits, black magic, ancestors, high EMF detection and geopathic stress lines and zones.

Our treatment includes

  • precise analysis of layout and vastu dosha
  • prescription of complete solution for vastu defects
  • diagnosis & removal of heavy geopathic zone stress
  • precise reading and cleansing remedies for negative energies

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