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Aura & Chakra Reading

Is your Aura positive and influencing ?

Our Aura imaging techniques will help you identify energies within us. Understanding what’s the root causes to your life problems and absence of energies in our body and mind. It helps you identify;

  • Radius of energy field around body
  • Weaker energy field in particular part of body
  • Presence of negative energies in our Aura Energies
  • Effect of spiritual remedies on our Aura Energies 

Which is your active Chakra ?

Chakra Reading is similar to Aura reading, aura of particular area or energy center of body helps us identifying blockages in chakra energy. 

  • Energy blockages in 7 energy centers
  • Overactive energies in chakra which exhaust the system
  • Sub-Conscious thoughts and Diseases due to chakra blockages

Aura & Chakra Healing

Secret to Cure and Aura Healing

Human Aura is the life force and is the cause to our existence. A strong Aura is the key to success, health and attraction, a weaker and negative Aura will make you diseased, mentally depressed and less attractive. Our healing will benefit you in

  • enhances the positive energy and increases aura strength
  • helps you in faster recovery from diseases
  • removes negative energies and spirits
  • lessens the impact of past life bad sins
  • healing of sub-conscious mind and negative thoughts

Our Devices

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Aura scanner

Explore Aura energy, and vibrations with our Aura Scanner Machine. Unlock insights into your inner self and connection to the universe.

Aura Cleaning Machine

Experience the future of self-care: Aura Cleaning Machine cleanses and harmonizes your energy, unlocking balance, clarity, and inner peace.

Kirlian Aura Scanning

Kirlian Aura Scanning captures auras, revealing subtle energy fields non-invasively. Kirlian tech visualizes energy, deepens inner self connection profoundly.


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