know your future

heal your life

Vedic Parashari Jyotish

Ancient Astrology

Get your future prediction, know about your past & sub-conscious readings. Parashari technique of horoscope reading is finest & most scientific to predict planets, misfortunes & raj yoga. It can assess the root cause to your problem & simultaneously the accurate remedies. Gemstone, spiritual rituals, herbs etc are to be advised scientifically as described in vedas & puran. 

Geo & Universal Energy

Vastu Shastra

Traditional knowledge of architecture to assure preservation and generation of universal energy. Vaastu is scientific calculation of energy due to magnetic poles,  electric and thermal energy of moon & sun on human body.

Energy within you

Aura Energy

Your Aura is your reflection towards universe, this reflection decides what people will think about you. Healing our energies is the only solution to our problems.