Astrology & Remedy for nazar dosha, tantra (black magic) & evil spirit

Rahu signifies nazar dosha, negative energy from environment (हाय, हवा or बाधा )

Ketu signifies evil spirit, bandhan, black magic (tantra)

Saturn signifies pitra (anscestors)

What is Nazar dosha or हाय, हवा or बाधा ;

  1. Thoughts are converted into waves and energy, this energy impacts the concerned person. Negative emotions and intentions carry the nature and power of tantra and evils, however it is not actually tantra or evil but can affect in the same way.
    • If thoughts are invoked due to comparison or jealousy than it will be nazar, for example mother says to her child see how neighbour’s child won competition every time or say any friend is progressing and we are at same position this comparison or jealousy invokes negative waves to balance the universal energy and it impacts in same way like tantra, bandhan yog, evil energy or curse.
    • If thoughts are invoked due to anger, desire or greed than it will be upari hawa and badha. For instance, the person with anger in mind is easy target for spirit who intents for revenge.
  2. Weak Aura Energy; If aura is too weak, negative energy easily overtakes and controls the mind.

Astrology and planets for negativity & evils in life

Nazar dosha or upari hawa

  • Dasha of rahu and ketu
  • If both moon and lord of lagna are in malefic house than it makes the aura of the person weaker and person will be easily affected by nazar dosha or suffers from negative intention of others
  • If moon and lagna are weak and either one or both are afflicted by rahu or ketu
  • Dasha of planets conjunct with ketu or rahu

Tantra prayog (black magic) & evil spirits

  • tantra prayog can pe predicted if dasha of 6th, 8th or 12th lord planet is running and this planet is afflicted with rahu or ketu either in trines or if trines are also afflicted with them
  • afflicted and weak venus
  • person will be affected by evil spirit if, 5th or 9th house are afflicted with lords of malefic house and rahu or ketu and venus is weak
  • person will be affected by evil spirit if, sun moon and lagna are weak afflicted with rahu or ketu


  • Parashar says if rahu or ketu afflicts 5th or 9th there can be curse yog from previous life, if Jupiter conjuncts it than it is from guru or knowledgeable person or Saturn than from poor or handicapped, if moon than mother, venus than wife or women. In this way sacred text explains curse

Pitra dosha

  • Parashar says Saturn and either rahu or ketu are in trines
  • Dasha of weak, negative and afflicted Saturn

Duration of problem can be predicted by concerned dasha. If dasha is for longer phase than problem will also be chronic & if dasha is for shorter time than problem will be temporary.

Easy methods to diagnose negative energies

  • सिरके और सेंधा नमक एक गिलास पानी में मिला कर सोते समय सर के पास रख ले, ध्यान रहे इसे हिलाय ना | इसी उपचार को अगर घर के किसी कोने में या पलंग के नीचे २ दिन को रख दे तो घर में किसी बुरे प्रभाव का पता किआ जा सकता है | सुबह देखने पर अगर पानी में बुलबुले दिखे या पानी पहले जैसा साफ़ ना दिखा तो समझ ले कोई बुरा प्रभाव है |
  • घर में रखा बासा भोजन या उसारा हुआ भोजन कुत्ते को डाले और व न खाये तो भी समझ ले किसी बुरी शक्ति का प्रभाव है |
  • हरा चारा ३ गड्डी मंगलवार को सोने से पहले पलंग के नीचे रख ले और सुबह बुधवार को गाय को खिलाये अगर वह न खाये तो समझ ले कोई बंधन या बुरा प्रभाव है
  • रात को एक हरा निब्बु सोने के पहले सर के सिरहाने रख के सोये, अगर सुबह तक उसका रंग बदला मिले तो समझले कि कोई तांत्रिक प्रभाव है |
  • राई और काली मिर्च ७ बार उल्टा उबारे, फिर जलते तवे पर रख दे अगर कोई काला धुआँ या सूंघने में दिक्कत न होये तो समझे नज़र या हवा है |

Easy home remedy to remove nazar dosha & negative energy

Rotate any of these material clockwise from over complete body 11 times and then from above head.

  • Rai, lal mirch, peeli sarso (if feeling symptoms of heaviness in head and eyes, irritation, anger) After rotation over body burn it.
  • Nibbu (khud betha kar utare) (if feeling health problems especially in stomach, bad smell, weak decision making, communication disorder, business & money issues) After rotation cut it into four pieces and throw it into 4 different direction outside your premises
  • Sarson ka tel (if sleeping disorders, nervous disorders, weak, low energy, lethargic) After rotation over body burn it over plate filled with milk or water
  • Sendha Namak (aura and chakra cleansing, helps all types of negativity) Through it outside premises somewhere in water or area with trees or plants after rotation over body by 21 times
  • Coconut Remedy (for high intensity negativity, problems due to Saturn and rahu, cures tantra & evil spirits) either break it in temple or flow it in river
  • Kali Mirch burn it after rotation over body

Divine & Holy Water (charan amrit or flowing rivers cleanses curse, pitra or nazar effects)

  • Shiv Puran says charan-amrit has the quality of healing energies and medical properties. Just by drinking water from divine places can cure from evil and negative energy.
  • Taking bath in divine rivers like ganga has tremendous results over healing and cleansing negativity. But our purans also tell about the month for taking bath not all the days and month are favourable for taking bath in rivers.

Invoking Deities (strongest method to remove or protection from tantric and evil spirit)

There are several deities in every religion for the purpose of destroying the evils. Generally this form of God is tamasic in nature, and must be prayed with guidance but this form is quickest to bestow result in kaliyug.

  • Giving satvik bali (divine sacrifice) of coconut, clove, betel nut, betel leaf & many other things to deities like bhairav, kali or hanumanji can remove tantra and evil effects immediately. But it should be followed with proper guidance under Guru.
  • Other than this one method is to take 11 parikrama of these deities at some enlightened place. This is one of the easiest remedy if possible.

Tilak (Remedy to get protection from negative nazar, tantra & spirits)

It is strong and best remedy to protect from nazar dosha, tantra and evils. Tilak prepared from especial and specific natural materials can be used for this purpose, there are total of 86 materials described for it. Some of which are I am giving below, one can prepare & use them easily.

red & white sandalwood, roli, gorochan, agar, tagar, kesar, kasturi, cow milk paste of all these can be used for tilak.

This not only protects but also enhances the attraction or Aura of person. Whatever comes to our body is first attracted by tilak and this tilak absorbs it completely within protects body and mind from it.

Aromas and Fragnance (essential oils provide protection from negative spirits)

In veds & puran, there are many instances where use of fragnances has been described for enhancing the divinity and repelling the negative energies. Some of which are use of rose petal in havan samagri are only for Sugandh purpose, special perfumes are dearer to gods, in Indian tradtion use of dhoop, fragnance are very common.

Evil Spirits runs away due to some specific fragnances, also some fragnance can attract evil spirit. Therefore, there must be awareness of aromas for beneficial usage.

Some of aromas which can be used are Kapoor, Lavender, Chandan, clove, Guggul, lemon, turmeric. This method can be used as natural organic perfumes or by burning them using diffuser.

Gemstones, crystals, Yantra & Amulets

Gems & yantra has the immense power to remove and protect from evils but only if properly made and used. It is not that easy to just wear any of the stone and it will start helping you.

Selection of gemstones or yantra are the most typical to prescribe, type of energy will decide the type of gem to be used. There is no single stone or crystal which can protect from every negative energy.

Which is strongest remedy and is best for removing negative energy?

Remember perfect remedy for your specific problem depends on type of negativity and suffering, there can’t be any single method for all negative energies.

Selection of remedy depends on nature and intensity of negative energy, whether it is black magic, spirit or just a influence of negativity also if its penetration is deep or week.

Many of times if negative energy is weak body heals itself and removes negativity on its own in some days.

Astrology is the best, precise and easiest way to diagnose the type, intensity and nature of negative energy. Just by observing dasha and planet involved proper remedy can be used.

Or any person with the knowledge of supreme consciousness can tell you just by watching or observing the energies.

Following the Vedic rituals and traditions are slowest but steady method to get protection for long term in life, it includes

  • Specific donations according to tithi and month
  • Rituals of festivals only that are followed by specific tithis (such as Diwali, holi, gurupoornima, savan month); all these have some scientific evidences
  • Avoid actions which destriys life force of mind & body (such as eating prohibited food or having sex during specific tithis or festivals)
  • Daily habit of Pitra pooja, exercise, meditation
  • Proper Rituals of 16 samskar
  • Following lifestyle according to ayurveda

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