Basic Astrology Consultation

  • Consult and Prediction for 2 questions
  • Prescription of Remedies for problems
  • Detailed analysis through all sub divisional horoscope

Advance 20min Consultancy

  • Consult for 3-4 questions or prediction
  • Detailed discussion on remedies and causes
  • Detailed analysis through all sub divisional horoscope

Hanuman jyotish (Horary Astrology)

  • Vedic Hanuman jyotish & Horary (prashna jyotish) 
  • Service are for those who don’t have their birth date or time
  • Remedies

Horoscope Match-Making

  • Analysis of relationship compatibility
  • Traditional Gun-Milan system 
  • Psychological & Mental Counselling for relationships
  • Marital Life prediction

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How our Astrology consultation can help ?

Research of 12 years on Parashari art of predicting horoscope. Most precise & finest technique to predict kundli & dasha system.

Horoscope Predictions for promise of fruits and timing of any event is studied for guidance. Deep analysis of dasha timing and transit of planets are to be assessed  for accurately predicting the event.

Expert Astrologer on divisional horoscopes

We not only predict Lagna chart, but also provide you deep analysis over 16 sub-divisional charts.

There are specific horoscope of everyone for different aspects of life, without studying them one cannot get true predictions.

  • D-9 Marriage & Fortune chart
  • D-10 Career & Profession chart
  • D-4 & D-16 wealth, properties & assets
  • total of 16 charts can be studied

Prescription of Correct Remedies

Remedies Precise analysis and correct prescription of gemstone, metals, planetary remedies, healing planets by vastu and changes required in sub conscious levels.

What could be changed and what could not be, this needs to be watched carefully. Some aspects of life could not be changed until its sufferings are not completed, remedies for such deeds are useless. One needs to enhance life force to overcome the sufferings.

Horoscope Match-Making

Planets could tell about if your love affair is going to be frutify or not, with whom you will get married. 

  • Sign & characteristics of your spouse?
  • How will be your married life?
  • compatibility with partner, his/her hidden positive and negative psychological traits

Horoscope provides deep psychological insights of person which helps in behavioural disorders, which is main cause of relationship issues.

Career and Education Counselling

Our livelihood How and from where we will earn is pre-decided by our sub conscious energies. Guidance for about what is good or bad could save your struggle.

Selecting subjects according to nature, psychology and skills of child could help in saving energy and putting it in right way. Also using remedial measures for curing the planetary deficiencies and negativity could make the person more efficient.

  • Expertise on analysis of all 16 sub-divisional charts and horoscope to precisely predict events in different aspects of life
  • Researched on analysis of Energy composition in body, helps you know precisely about your elementary energy constitution
  • I Believe in calculating the memories in sub-conscious mind from planets, as these memories are true cause to our problems. Once you know the true reason behind the problems, you can put efforts in a right way
  • Expertise on analysis of emotional and behavioural disorder which reflects relationship issues, marriage compatibility, education and career counselling
  • 5 year of practice in field of medical astrology

Talk to best & expert Astrologer Online

Astrologer Varun Gupta

C.S. Engg, ICAS ज्योतिष प्रवीण, Vastu Expert

Aura and Chakra Expert

Certified Geo-Energy Healer 

Professional experience of 12 years and extensive research in various techniques of Vedic Astrology

  • Parashari
  • Jamini
  • KP (stellar)
  • Hanuman Jyotish
  • Horrary Astrology