Remedy and Direction of Kitchen & Dining in Vastu Shastra

According to Agnee puran, it says kitchen must be in sourth-east corner of house and dining should be in west direction of house.

Eating food in west of house helps in eating with patience, concentration and eases complete breakdown of food.

Other concept for kitchen in SE direction, Vastu Shastra teaches us about the directions of each of five elements. Direction of fire element is described as SE portion of building and kitchen has gas stove (burning fire) therefore it must be placed in SE corner of house.

Another direction other than SE in which it can be placed is North-West corner of building; why in NW?

NW direction has air element, and fire is friendly to air element. Placing kitchen in NW should be the second choice if there is no way for kitchen in SE.

East can be the third choice for kitchen. But remember NW and East is not the priority and is not advised if you have option in SE.

It must be completely avoided in North, South, NE and SW portions of house.

Kitchen in north will burn out business opportunities, financial problems, problems related to appliances & assets, moodiness, lack of liveliness in people

Kitchen in south will destroy calmness of mind and mental peace, short temperedness, irritation, ulcers, fever, problem in job, lack of recognization

Kithchen in NE is worse for health problems, infection, inability of body healing, marital disturbances, infertility, sudden loss of wealth, lack of clarity in mind, ego

Kitchen in SW feeling of insecurity, instability, heart problems, hyper-tension, pitra-dosha, quarrels & fights

Remedy for wrong direction of Kitchen in Vastu

North put a green coloured base of tape or paint it under your gas stove, create a square of silver wire outside the four side of gas stove, if north is too weak place a half moon of silver metal in north

North-East removeit immediately remedies in this portion are difficult, place a water filled vessel near it

South place your gas stove over a light yellow or light maroon coloured marble

South-West put a yellow base of tape or paint it under your gas stove or create a square base of copper metal

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