Planets for Depression or mental illness in Astrology

Depression, mental illness & Astrology

Depression is a very broad term, it can signify varied condition of state pf mind like the upset behaviour, suicidal tendency or illusionary disorder or behavioural disorder such as schizophrenia, obsessive disorder, attention deficit etc.

However, in all the above conditions, there will be totally different planetary condition in horoscope. I will try to explain the astrological yoga and will also differentiate the condition with each other.

Moon is the sub-conscious mind, things which are back of the mind and not in conscious mind

Behavioural disorders such as anger, jealousy, impatience is some of several disorders; root cause to all these negative emotions resides in sub-conscious mind.

For example, a child may have seen his father being violent with his mother, he may also become violet with his wife or may get supressed in life and this is not because he has consciously planned it in a same way, it’s because in sub-conscious mind there is teacher which throughs thoughts to conscious mind.

Therefore, moon is the planet that signifies only behavioural disorders, which becomes the part of personality.

Venus and 2nd house are the key planet and house for mind related disorders, things which are coming to our experiences to our conscious mind and How do we perceive it to ourselves

i.e.; we see, hear, communicate or observe and then what perception do we create in our mind. Second house of horoscope and Venus is the seat of brain which transform our perceiving into manifestations. It is a house and planet of conscious thoughts or our energy of free will.

When we see and hear something, remember there are several ways to perceive it. On our conscious brain (Venus) there is a layer of thought created by sub-conscious mind (moon) which act as maya (illusion) upon us, this can change our perceiving.

Therefore, Venus and 2nd house of horoscope signifies illusionary mental disorders, ADD, OCD, perfectionist etc

If above planets and houses if afflicted by below conditions in horoscope, then there will be mental illness and sufferings

6th, 8th or 12th lords

Rahu, Ketu, Saturn afflictions

weak Mercury

are planets and houses for neurological imbalances, mental suffering, and maniac.

  • If 6th,8th or 12th houses or their lords afflict rahu, ketu or Saturn then there can be severe depression and negative thinking
  • relationship b/w Moon and Mercury; mercury creates a chain of thoughts in sub-conscious mind which results into negative thoughts and mental weakness
  • 2nd house afflicted by Mercury combined with any malefic planet
  • Moon and Lagna both are afflicted by rahu-ketu or Saturn; rahu-ketu & Saturn are airy planets which increases the air element in body & mind excessively. Due to this a thought if initiated in mind will not be able to stop on its own, and continuous process of analysis will be initiated due to which nervous exhaustion will start and mind will lose its strength.
  • afflicted and weak both moon and Venus can make a person schizophrenia, obsessive, ADD

Jupiter is the planet of true knowledge and it’s also the significator for 2nd house, 2nd house and Venus loses its affliction by the strength of Jupiter. Therefore, Venus gets exalted in Jupiter sign, there Venus gets the true sense of perceiving thoughts into mind.

Suicidal Tendencies yoga and planets in Horoscope

House of self Lagna

House of harm, maniac & death are 6th and 8th respectively

If there is yoga for depression & mental illness, in addition to this, if lagna is afflicted by both 6th and 8th houses than person might attempt suicide.

If 6th house is affected by 8th lord and 6th and lagna have any relation than also there will be suicidal thoughts.

Parashar have told 6th house for maniac depression and self-harming tendencies.

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