Symptom, Cause & Remedy for Negative Energy in Home or Office

We need to assess precisely where is the real and actual source of negativity. Without knowing the actual cause, solution to it is not possible.

Most of the times there is no conscious evil spirit or black magic but instead there is just the false thought of negative energy.

If there is such a presence of negativity, then it’s not that difficult to cure it. Our traditional sacred methods can easily remove them without professional guidance if practiced in regular way.

In very rare cases there is true need for guidance, if severe behavioural disturbance, diagnosed with sudden incurable diseases or continuous projection of such energies are felt.

Symptoms of negative energies in house and office

  • Dampness on wall or enviornment
  • Abnormal temperature difference from outside
  • Sudden temperature changes in body
  • Continuous formation of Spider’s web on walls
  • Sensation and feeling on of someone’s presence
  • Waking up exhausted and lethargic after sleep
  • Heaviness in head
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Blackening or cracks in wall

Effect of Vastu defects and its relation with Negative Energy

Zone of Vastu will decide the type of negativity. Each of Vastu zone is rules by a deity and element, nature of negativity will be decided by the deity and elementary effect.

North-East corner rules water element therefore defects here can possess body by evil energy or can create severe behavioural and neurological disorder. Schizophrenia, illusions, possession of ghost, incurable diseases such as cancer, TB are some of its practical problems.

North-East is the only zone where defect can trouble you through conscious spirits, which can takeover your conscious mind. Because this zone can give weakness of mind. Every other zone does have negativity but through unconscious means. South is said to be the direction of yam, therefore defect in south create troubles through spirit which harms by emotion fear and anxiety. People due to unknow fear responds hyper-actively, aggressively (in a over-protective manner) or with low confidence. Some of which practical problems are argumentative tendency, low confidence and problem related to lack of influential ability in career.

Sometimes there are no such major defects in vastu but the reason may be just low aura energy of premises. Low energies might be the reason to attract negativity from outside, some of factors include:

  • If person with high negativity came to our place
  • Existence of negativity in the surrounding area
  • EMF (electro-magnetic radiation through electric device)
  • Unconscious forces such as spirits, black magic, negativity of scrab articles or waste
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Low population area

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