Direction of main door entrance for home & office in Vastu

Generally, a popular belief is there that East & North entrances are the only positive directions for main entrances and South or West should be avoided for entrance or facing of house.

However, this is not completely true, every direction in Vastu can have positive entrances or facing. Partially we can find south or west are not good for facing and entrances, understand the reason why?

Here are some important facts about science of Vastu;

  • In Vastu south-west portion has to be lighter in comparision to north-east
  • South-west has to be constructed higher than north-east
  • Because the southern sun light and sun rays during dawn is harmful for human body. Therefore, there should be no or less balcony or window in south or west
  • Slope of the house should be towards north-east portion of house

Commonly layout of any building or house has all the above factors in front portion;

  • most open area or balcony are in the front
  • therefore, lighter construction is also in the front
  • naturally slope of building will be in front and height will be in backword portion

If we will plan a south or west facing entrance or house than most probably above factors will get disturbed and Vastu energies will be imbalance as because above factors must not be in south or West direction.

Can we build south/west facing building or house

  • Yes, south or west facing house can be favourable if constructed according to above considerations.
  • Front of the building should be heavier, heighted and it should block negative sun rays.
  • There should not be borewell or pits in front of house.
  • There should not be any cut in front layout.

Favourable entrances or main gate position as per Vastu

Find the exact centre of the building

Check your compass at this centre and match the degree of compass with degree of given scale

See your gate is coming in which segment of degrees

If your door is coming in green zone of this scale than it is beneficial irrespective of East, West, North, South facing of house.

Easy way of finding the correct door in vastu is place it in between before 22.5 degrees of main axis of directions i.e; 22.5 degrees range to exact East, West, North or South.

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