Toilet direction & position as per Vastu, Remedy of toilet in Vastu

In ancient times there was no provision of toilet in the house. When Indian vedic vastu was being written, nobody uses toilet at home, at that time people used to travel at distance from their house to defecate, then how there will be any mention of toilet in Vastu Shastra.

There is no such text in Vastu which tells about good or bad direction of toilet in Vastu.

However, experience and case studies have shown different results of toilet position in vastu. The main reason behind the negativity of toilet is the shape of toilet seat which has hole inside it, it starts draining all the energy of vastu zone.

For example, if it placed in north-east direction of house, it will start draining energy of vastu purush or neuro-logical energy of brain, which obstruct the thoughts, clarity & healing of people.

In general placement of toilet can be done according to description in the image above;

Bad Toilet Direction         East, North-East, North, South-West

Good Toilet Direction     North-West, South-East, South, West

If somebody wants to create toilet in specific direction which are best for Vastu;

  • Then we have to graph the layout of house
  • Find the exact centre of house
  • And from there graph the degrees for ESE, WNW, SSW portion in vastu

Toilets in these direction of Vastu can help & enhance the overall vastu energies.

Remedies of wrong placement of toilet in Vastu Shastra

The very first & easy remedy is always close the toilet seat with its cap, if there is no toilet seat cap than install one.

Always keep the toilet clean & maintain the hygiene

Toilet in NE is worst vastu dosha and could not be treated, it is best to demolish it. But until it is removed from there stop using it, place marble 15-25 mm thick or wooden plate over toilet seat and close the door of toilet.

If toilet in south-west direction than, put some yellow citrine under the floor tile of toilet seat inside ground. Or put a 15-25 mm thick yellow coloured marble below toilet seat.

For North toilet, keep the wc seat cap closed and put pieces of Kapoor in bowl near toilet seat.

For East toilet, keep the wc seat cap closed and put green marble below toilet seat.

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