Salt Water therapy, simple home remedy for Negativity Cleansing

  • Take the Himalayan rock salt pure, other names pink salt or sendha namak ( सेंधा नमक ) in powdered form
  • Now fill ¾ bucket with warm water
  • Mix 100-200 gm of salt into warm water in bucket and mix it, it will not be completely invisible from water but don’t worry
  • Sit comfortably on any chair, and put your both legs inside bucket into the water for atleast 15-20 mins
  • While sitting you can also add mental cleansing technique, this will increase the efficiency of therapy

How to do mental cleansing while salt water therapy?

  • Once you put your legs in, Close your eyes.
  • Initial a command in mind or say initiate a thought, “everything in my body that is negative & heavy to me, black & complex energies inside me is going out of body into the water, water is absorbing all this complex negative energies”
  • Now with the thought slowly start visualizing your own thought, you will start feeling something from body is melting into water
  • Once the visualization became stronger now no need to think about that thought, just keeping visualizing. A stage will come you when you will see your body whole blank from inside and is cleaned properly.

This water will start absorbing all the negative ions from the body, you will start feeling lighter and calm. This water due to Himalayan pink (sendha) salt is charged with negative electron ions, these ions will react with higher charges of body and creates a very balanced state in body.

Initially you may feel sleepy after therapy but if repeated day & night daily body will start gaining divine blissful energy. For better results in chronic and older problems it must be repeated daily, this will start increasing body immunity and peace in mind.

Symptoms when we must do this remedy:

  • Feeling of insecurity, illusion, fear
  • Feeling depressed and stuck
  • Low energy level without any conscious reason
  • Acute stiffness in body joints
  • If you are finding difficult to stay calm even after putting effort, problem of frequent irritation
  • Suddenly feeling heaviness in body and head
  • During chronic illness with no major cause behind it, if your body is not responding to medicinal treatment
  • If we are stuck in life for much longer than usual, and after too much planning there is no end result which also means cloudy decision making

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