Function and importance of 7 chakras in human body

The 7 Chakras are the major energy centres through which energy flows

The word ‘chakra’ in Hindi means ‘Spinning Wheel’ A chakra is made upof bunch of meridians which conjuncts and combine to form a circular cluster like Wheel.

Seven Chakras are the major energy center located onto Spine. There are several other minor energy centers in body, total of 114 chakra are there in the body. Two of 114 Chakra are located outside body, these are also very important Energy Chakras.

All the chakras are inter-linked to each other, and are affected by each other in terms of energy and usage. Energy centers could be prolapsed, weakened or over-clocked depending upon karma-acts and mind. When such happens there Energies are disrupted and distorted. Understand the scientific working of 7 Chakra and how they got their characteristics like colour, symbol or traits.

Chakra are the invisible level of Spirit and pathway to Cosmic Experience

Chakra are the points of different level of consciousness about the self and cosmic universe.

But lack of energy or inactive chakra reduces our awareness to the cosmic realtiy. Energy of kundalini (manifested energy) is used for higher awakenings at this point. As the energy increases in any chakra than the level of awakenings also rises, which awakens our consciouness about supreme knowlege.

Higher state of energy at chakra connects that chakra to cosmic energy, In this way its the pathway to connect to the infinte and formless Energy.

They are charged by the stream of energy residing in the root by extensive practices such as shakti pat or roj yog (meditation). This makes our chakra capable of experiencing the formless Energy.

Chakra converts spiritual energy into physical energy, act as converion and distributing unit

Chakra is connected to cosmic energy, this energy is withdrawn by Chakra for our enrichment. Than its manifested, to distribut it to the whole body.

Chakra aborbs the cosmic power from the universe and spreads it into meridians. They regulate the flow of energy throughout the electrical network (meridians) that runs through the physical body.

But absorption of cosmic power by Chakra depends on strength and energy of Chakra. And blockage in any of the meridian of chakra could dissrupt the flow of energy through physical body.

Chakra act as Astral layer, connecting the Etheric and Physical layer

Our Etheric body has a map of energy constitute only Divine energy, which is formed due to accounts of memories of all karma. This etheric body has all the body organs in the format of energy, same like our physical presence have the spiritual presence behind. Strength of etheric body organ strengthens the physical function and structure.

Etheric energy is tranported to Physical energy through these Chakra, according to Energy map. This spiritual and divine energy through Chakra is given directly to organs and meridians. Formless energy is utilized as manifested energy through these energy centers.

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