Importance of D9 navamsa, D9 chart analysis

To understand the D9 navamsa horoscope you must know about division of universe

Universe is divided into 12 zodiac sign, these zodiacs are further divided into 27 nakshatra. Now each nakshatra has been further divided into 4 pada. Now 27*4 equals 108 which is definition of universe. Now each division out of 108 is complete life prediction.

Any pada of nakshatra is navamsa sign. For example; if lagna is gemini and nakshatra is punarvasu 20 degrees and at this point it is first pada of punarvasu. Then navamsa lagna will be lord of first pada of punarvasu nak.

Therefore, if we need to asses the nakshatra and its pada lords than know no need to check for it separately for every planet, just go to the navamsa chart and see the sign of the planet. Navamsa sign is the the pada of the planet. In short horoscope made by nakshatra and pada are the D9 horoscope OR understand it in this way that if 108 divisions of 360° will be done then you will get the namavsa position of planets.

Rulers of nakshatra and pada of houses and planets are of more importance than rashi or zodiac sign. Use it in same manner as rashi, as we see lordship of houses according to rashi placed in house in same way we can see which pada rules the house and that planet will also give the result of its pada houses.

For example; if 7th house house pada lord are posited in 5th house than its dasha will give result of 7th + 5th house irrespective of wherever its rashi have been placed in chart.

Different predicting and analysis factors for using D9 navamasa chart in vedic astrology

Navamsa as an independent horoscope

As I have already explained the lordship of houses for planet is easy to know but if need to know lordship of same planet for its pada we don’t need to learn all the nakshatra and pada rulers, we just need to go to navamsa chart.

Navamsa can be used as an independent horoscope for all areas of life, same like lagna horoscope. Although navamsa is for spouse, married life and fortune but in shodasvarga bala scheme Sage Parashar has alloted D9 navamsa chart 3 points out of 20 points, D1 chart has 3.5 and D60 chart has 5 points in it.

Because of its more precise division of zodiac circle its strength and weightage are unavoidable in prediction. 9th division of every house and planet tells about every aspect of life. in same way as rashi chart. Same rules and concepts must applied on D9 chart to assess any event or prediction.

Navamsa Dispositor of D-1 planets

Houses are owned by zodiac signs, These rashi are further divided into nine parts which are nav-amsa, planet placed in one of these nine part, this part lord is navamsa lord.

We see the dipositor of any planet, which is rashi lord of planet, likewise we must also see lord of planet’s ninth part which is its navamsa sign lord.

Planet is influenced by its dispositor, for instance Venus in Scorpio, the sign of mars in D1 chart gives the person secretive sensual tendancies. Same will be the effect if venus posited in scorpio in D9 chart instead of lagna chart. In both cases Mars is the dispositor of Venus, Venus is equally influenced by Mars.

But in case where D1 and D9 dispositor are different then planet will be influenced by which dispositor. Whichever Dispositor is strong in respective charts, will influence the results of planet.

Combination and Conjunction in D9 chart

Conjunction of planets and conjugnal effects must also be observed in D9 chart same as it is seen in D1 chart. Astrology planetary conjunctions for wealth and raja yoga, arishta yoga, yoga for diseases, and other described yoga like grihana yoga, gaj-kesari, budh-aditya etc is also to be seen in D9 chart, all these yoga if present in D9 chart than they work silently without the conscious consent of native.

For instance if moon conjuncts saturn in D1 chart, it could give lungs related disease or detached from worldly materials and with sacrifice & hospitality in human nature. Same or more intense will be the result if this conjuction is in D9 chart also.

Navamsa is Specific Horoscope for Spouse and Fortune

Navamsa chart specificialy predicts about marriage: timming of marriage, no. of spouses, characteristics and traits of spouse and  what will be the future of marriage. Everything related to spouse and married life is to be predicted from D9 chart, without the use of D9 navamsa chart one could not precisely predict the spouse and marriage.

Navamsa chart also predicts about the fortune and luck, good deeds performed by native in this birth is seen from D9 chart. Good deeds means karma that takes the native towards higher self-awareness state. A Planet in D9 chart tells about luck in some aspect of life, for instance if venus is in jupiterian sign means person will do and perform deeds by religious means for fulfilment of material desires, inside will to perform good is fortune. It surely doesnt means exalted planet in D9 chart will give fortune and debiliated will not, it all depends on if planet is in benefic or malefic navamsa.

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