Astrology-planets responsible for corona virus, when will it end

Jupiter untill makes the astronomical distance with Ketu, there will not be right cure for corona virus. From September 2020 things will be in favour against Corona worldwide pandemic.

Mundane astrology explanation about this corona virus epidemic, which planets in astrology are responsible for this.

To analyze diseases and death occurring worldwide in masses is to watch for astrological transit, there is no horoscope for world therefore we will see transit in kaalpurush horoscope. First lady affected by corona virus in China Wei got cold in 10th december 2019 as reported by her.

As this is the earliest date we have for first case to check astrological planetary transit (gochar), above you can see the horoscope for 10th dec ’19.

Planets in vedic astrology responsible for such an epidemic tragedy wordwide

  • Rahu-Ketu are the planets for par-jeeva, i.e; infection, bacteria or virus.
  • Planet Jupiter destroys and eliminates toxic substances from tissues, it doesn’t rules the excretory system but it intoxicates the life force or energy produced in body and environment.
  • Saturn, the planet of balance and destruction. Saturn whenever in strong position establish a balance in universe and becomes the cause of destruction.
  • Zodiac sign involved in this conjunction and transit hints about the part and subject effected. For instance entrance of virus or parjeeva then Sagitarius sign is affected, if political than Libra and likewise.

Observing these factors in the above transit horoscope for corona virus, when will it be cured

  • Ketu in Sagitarius (dhanu) weakens the jupitarian sign. Also Jupiter conjuncts ketu.
  • During Weak Jupiter there is insufficient energy to protect from parjeeva (parasite) or negative intruders.
  • Effect of Ketu on Sagitarius and Jupiter, is the main cause for generation of infection and virus.
  • Jupiter is onto entering Capricorn (makar) from 30th March, its sign of debiliation. Jupiter is degree-wise closer to Saturn. Relation of Jupiter with Saturn causes sorrows and hardships for jeeva (life).
  • Saturn on the way to enter Capricorn and entered sign on 24th Jan. After which it affected the worldwide. Saturn in own sign creates balance by destruction.

Horoscope transit of previous cases for disease epidemic by Flu and Sars virus

Swine Flu 2008-09
Sars virus 2002-03

In both the cases above mentioned factors could be seen. Jupiter conjuncts Rahu in both cases. Jupiter debilliated in first case and retrograde in second. Saturn aspecting own sign in 2008-09 and retrograde during 2002-03.

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