Predict Psychology, Mental Attitude and Nature in Astrology

What planets and houses must be seen in vedic astrology to predict about psychology and personality

All the twelve houses in horoscope tells about your vision about some aspect of life. Like seventh house tells how you like to use your sexual energy or sexual behaviour. But it could not be said what we do and act in our life is mental inclination and nature tendencies.

What I have researched and experienced is first four houses of horoscope signify about our nature, analysis, thinking, thoughts, deep insight emotion and sub conscious memories. How positive, good or bad behaviour, emotional attitude all depends on above parameter.

1st house & Sun  existence,, life dominant element, nature

2nd house & Jupiter brain, receptive senses, understanding about surrounding

3rd house & Mars analysis, thinking

4th house & Moon soul (sub conscious memory), emotional attitude, thoughts

How to judge 4th house and Moon for deep interest point and sub consciousness

Fourth house is the most important to understand psychology of person because it tells most we observe in somebody. Now how to predict all these houses of horoscope to reveal natives nature and behaviour.

Five types of negative emotion must be read out from here. These five thieves are kama (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankar (ego or excessive pride)

4th lord in quadrants and trine houses makes the person good hearted and less negative emotional traits. 4th lord in evil houses or evil lord in 4th house is not good, it could give negative emotional character and experiences.

Jupiter Moon and Sun are sattvic in nature, Mercury and Venus are rajasic and remaining are tamasic planets. Satvic planets when placed in 4th gives sattvic inclinations, likewise rajasic and tamasic. But above all, the rules must not be applied as it is, in addition it must be observed if planet posited is functional benefic or malefic.

For instance: weak and malefic Saturn in 4th house makes one hard hearted, with rigid philosophy and not easily gets emotional. But if Saturn is benefic and strong could give nature of sacrifice, donor and helpful attitude.

It’s the most sensitive of all four houses and must be observed carefully. Some text from Indian sages in vedic astrology says

4th lord in 8th house gives one wandering mind.

7th lord in 4th house yoga for vyabhachari (multiple sex partners)

4th lord in 9th house makes religious, devotee towards father and dharma.

There are many such rules in text, this is how we must apply. It hints about how to use 4th house. Relation of any other house with 4th house will tell about native’s inclination to that house.

Such as 4th lord in 11th house could make you inclined towards fulfilment of desire without being conscious about anything else. 4th lord in 6th house could give competitive mind and a cruel mind. However not every time 4th lord in malefic houses are bad,

Example: 4th lord in 12th house with the influence of Saturn on 4th could give sanyas and deep spiritual interest meaning destroyed emotion moh (attachment). Enlightenment comes after many emotional detachments, and many trouble and sorrows are to be faced to reach the state of detachment which is signified by placement of 4th lord in malefic trik house.

It is difficult to differentiate the negative and positive aspect of inner mind just by malefic houses and planets. It is not necessarily malefic houses will make one bad by heart but it will definitely give bad emotional experiences in life. It is not about how pure and good is the soul it is about emotional experiences one had previously or will have. We conclude the relation of 4th house with other houses and planets.

Understand the importance of Lagna for clue about Native’s nature

Tells about which element is predominant out of 5 tatva. Elementary composition of body holds many of characteristics and traits of native. 12 zodiac signs and planets are categorized into element. To interpret you need to understand both positive and negative side about nature of the elements.

  • Every zodiac sign governs some characteristic, which could be used to understand the element of particular sign in lagna.
  • If sign lord is strong, positive traits of element will affect otherwise negative result would be there. Same if planet placed in friendly sign in lagna both elements of planet and sign will be enhanced.
  • Check out in sequence the sign, planet posited if any or aspects on lagna if any, sign in which lagna lord is placed, planets in conjunction with lagna lord and lagna lord’s dispositor sign. Ex: horoscope of akshay kumar.
Horoscope of Akshay Kumar
  • Lagna has scorpio a watery sign. Here use nature of Scorpio sign to predict which gives him a stable, secretive, adjustable, less wandering mind and doesn’t opens easily. Here positive aspect of Water element of scorpio sign is observed just because its lord Mars is strongly placed in lagna in own sign.
  • Mars placed in lagna, Mars has fire element also natural significator of lagna sun is fiery sign, which adds and gives energy and discipline to water qualities.
  • Important to understand positive side of elements will only be observed if planets posited or are functional benefic and friendly to that sign, otherwise negative side of that planets element will be observed. Lagna sign could behave negatively if enemy planet placed in it or lagna lord is weak. Here in above case positive of fire is experienced Mars is lagna lord in own sign, that’s why fire planet is doing good in water sign. It’s important to understand the concept not to thorough it.
  • If there would be cancer lagna and mars placed in it, again fiery planet in watery sign but thing would not be the same like above case. Here debilitated mars will destroy the water element also weakens the fire and the person would be impatient or unable to handle emotion at times.

2nd house could help predicting precise behavioral attitude

Represents brain and senses. Whatever we see, grasp, feel, learn, respond, speech or understand is to be seen from 2nd house. Malefic and cruel planets will weakens and slows the function of brain, damage the level of understanding, make person feel and respond negatively like harsh speech lies obsessions etc, and unsound behavior.

Here is the best example for this to understand, Steve Jobs the person who was cofounder but fired for his decisions and behaviour.

horoscope of steve jobs

Second house lord mercury in 6th house. Placed in trine from 2nd house in friendly sign and also its dispositor Saturn is exalted making him extremely brilliant and sharp in IQ. But the only problem is with placement of 2nd lord in 6th house, inspite of strong 2nd lord and its dispositor a malefic house signifies lifestyle disorder, hyperactive in decision and unsound behaviour. Also natural significator of 2nd house is Jupiter from which 2nd house must be seen, 2nd counted from Jupiter is cancer sign whose lord moon again in trine from own house and in friendly sign but again in malefic house 8th.

3rd house all about approach of analyzing conscious thoughts

How do we think and analyze things that are being received, grasped and learned by 2nd house is to be seen from here. Our thought process or processing ability is predicted from 3rd house whether it is logical, rational, emotional, practical, influenced or research oriented.

Horoscope of Albert Einstein

Third lord in kendra 10th house, strong energy to process thoughts and analyse them. 3rd lord with 5th lord conjunction in 10th house provide highly imaginative, creative and innovative thought process. 3rd lord conjuncts Mercury in 10th gives practical and active conscious state. 3rd lord combining with Saturn and 8th lord gives research oriented approach to everything in life, a yoga for curosity. Natural significator Mars exalted in 8th provides high energy in nervous function to think and research, also 3rd from Mars is 10th house again apply the above explained yoga as it’s the same house.

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