Ancient vedic remedy to appease 9 planets by Rishi Parashar

Chapter 86 in Brihat Parashar Hora shastra, Parashar has described the remedial measures for the appeasement of malevolent planets. These vedic remedies will give complete cure to problems as it will completely nature the nature of planet, instead of short time benefits like other remedies.

When Sage Parashara was asked for remedies, he replied; I am telling you the nature, colour, metal, qualities or characteristics of planets. Person desiring joy, happiness, prosperity, wealth, rain, good health or longevity must appease these nine planets by fire, prayers, charity, recitation of mantra etc.

For the purpose of worshiping either the idol should be made or their sketches drawn on paper should be used;

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

Copper, sphatik (rock crystal), red sandal wood, gold ( for both Mercury & Jupiter), silver, iron, glass & bell metal respectively.

Forms of Planets for worship as told by Parashar in BPHS;

Sun (surya) is red colouredhas two arms seated on lotus with lotus flower in one hand and a chariot of seven horse.

Moon (Chandra) white coloured, dressed in white robes, two arms with mace in one and vara in other hand, white coloured ornaments and a chariot of ten horses

Mars (mangal) wore a red necklace, red coloured dress four arms carrying a shakti, shool, mace (gada) and vara mounted on a lamb

Mercury (budh) yellow coloured garland dressed in yellow robes, four arms with a sword, shield, mace and vara mounted on a lion

Jupiter (guru) & Venus (shukra); jupiter with yellow complexion and venus with fair,four arms carrying a stick (danda),akshasutra, kamandal and vara

Saturn (shani) lusture like that of indraneel, four arms carrying shoola, bow, arrow and vara mounted on a donkey

Rahu hideous face blue coloured,four arms carrying a sword, shield, shola and vara mounted on a lion

Ketu smoky coloured, two arms carrying a mace and vara, travels on donkey

Procedure to worship

Use either idol or painting of planet

Place the idol or photo in the own direction of planet

Establish a kalash with it, filled with water a coconut over it and tied with a red cloth

Flower and Garment of same colour as of planet

Sandal, light lamp, and burn guggul

Metal and grain dear to him

Then recite the mantra of grahas,

Surya                     7000

Chandra               11000

Mangal                 11000

Budh & Guru      9000

Shukra                  16000

Shani                     23000

Rahu                      8000

Ketu                      7000

When the jaap is completed, Perform Havana with 108 or 28 offerings to sacred fire.

After the completion, donate all the offered articles to brahmin or needy.

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