Chakras in human body, true science behind chakras

Does Chakra with colors, symbols and shapes, or mystical powers really exist. What is Chakra?

Everything in the body triggers, connects and function each other using bio-electric current in the meridian know as neuro-transmitter. This current is generated by manifesting spirit and kundalini shakti (soul & sperpent energy) and than its accumulated in chakras. After which it travels through meridians and powers the glands and organs.

Meridians mean nadi in ayurveda; total of 72000 meridians (nadis) channelize this energy to whole body.

Formation of Energy Centers: Of what body Chakras are made up of?

These 72000 nadis makes total of 114 conjuctions in body, so there are total of 114 energy centers or chakras in body. Junctions which are located onto spine known to be Seven major Chakras and remaining 108 are minor chakras. All the meridians could be compared to electrical wiring connected to power houses known as Chakras. Meridians are interconnected to each other, and powerhouses flows energy through these meridians.

Conjuction of important meridians onto spine constitutes joint energy of all meridians present in body. This combination of energy channels and their junction point creates composed electro-magnetic energy. These energy centers of body is knows as Chakra. , therefore these seven centers are main Chakras.

So chakras are just combined energy of many meridians at center point. This combined energy is current of meridian said as bio-electric resistance which creates electro-magnetic field and could be measured by different methods.

Does Chakra have difference characteristic, colour or symbol

Its just an bio-electric energy of meridians at one point and electric current doesn’t has any color, shape or symbol. But electric-magnetic energy when manifested it oscillates on some frequency, different level of frequency have different characteristics. Difference in frequency and wave length provides differences such as temperature, strength, potency or impulses. To read and analyze this bio-current in chakra three methods are developed in science, here is the link for techniques to scan and read Chakra energy.

Due to such nature of electric-magnetic energy Every Chakra works on some specific frequency ranging from 900nm to 300nm wavelength. This energy must be in between 4-6 joules in normal human body.

Every color is related to some frequency and wavelength. Chakras don’t have direct physical existence with color in them, but every Chakra resonates on some frequency and wavelength. Therefore color with same frequency and wavelength similar to Chakra could be related to each other in some way. In same way every geometrical symbol and mantra syllable generates frequency, which resembles to specific Chakra in terms of frequency.

For instance, Our Root chakra resonates around 700-900 nm of wavelength, Red color in energy spectrum has the same wavelength. Similarly when a triangle is made it also generates the same frequency, in this triangle and red results the same like Root chakra,Therefore color, symbols, shapes or mantra could be used for Chakra with resembling energy, to energize and heal Chakra.

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