Does Vastu really work & affect us, importance of vastu shastra

What really Vastu(Vaastu) mean; science behind effects of energy of any structure or matter on our life is Vastu (Vaastu). “Anything which has matter also has energy” it’s the proven scientific theory, we are surrounded by structure & matter and therefore energy. If there is energy around us than obiviously it will affect our bio-electric field.

Vastu does affect us but the question is upto what extent; it can’t be the cause to your problems that’s why it can’t be the remedy also.

We need to understand real cause to our sufferings is our previous actions (karma), Vastu is just the medium to our own karma or to our sufferings. Therefore, treating vastu energies could give us relief. But we must not expect any dramatic and magical change just by doing vastu remedies.

Vastu is not for solving our problems, in true manner it’s the knowledge to teach how to live life according to the nature and science.

Vastu constitutes of energies from

  • geo (earth or bhoomi); Electro-magnetic energies from earth’s magnetic poles or underground metals.
  • structural; we are affected by frequencies & wavelength are emitted from every structure of walls, symbols, colours, geomatries
  • man-made articles; emf from devices, placement position of different structure

Five Elements and Vastu

In Indian traditional vastu, everything is explained in terms of 5 elements (panch tatva). Different elements simply mean different wavelength and frequency range, and it is obvious specific frequencies are good for specific type of work and qualities.

Placement position of these elements inside the premises has been explained according to the magnetic poles and position of sun.

Everything is explained according to how sun ray travels and from which portion at what specific time, and the travel of magnetic rays from north pole to south.

As the sun rays travels its wavelength changes, then which part of our house get what wavelength and at what time of the day.

We need to understand it, if we reverse the magnetic pole than position of these elements will also be altered in same way. And instead of reversing the poles if we reverse the earth upside down than even the position of sun will also change. What I mean to say is elements of vastu depends on above factors which are completely scientific.

Story of Vastu purush

Concluding above factors

  • Electro-magnetic radiation either from earth or devices are surely affecting our natural bio-electric field of body. Just because underground magnetic waves, metal content, water or outside heavy device placements are creating electro-magnetic pollution, that’s why geo location of our premises is important.
  • Parts of our house are getting heavy, light or different frequency patterns, therefore similar pattern work must be done at specific portion of house.
  • Symbols, geometries or colours all generates some frequencies therefore it must also be placed in similar frequency portion otherwise it could distort the premises natural energy.
  • But Treating vastu doesn’t really cure our previous actions, as we understand our actions are the real cause to our problems. Therefore, vastu is the medium and the medium will set according to what we have to suffer.

Conclusively treating Vastu energies doesn’t changes your karmic result but definitely improves the result of our free will and efforts (purusharth)