Human Aura and Diseases, cure by natural healing aura energy?

Aura is nothing just an energy in its very basic form. How does health is connected to Aura Energy, most importantly understand how it’s the root cause of every problem regarding mental, physical and psychological health.

Aura and Electric Energy

Our body’s most basic function is governed by neurological system which constitutes meridians and what flows in meridians? its not blood minerals or water, its the ENERGY that flows in meridian (nadi in ayurveda). Water and minerals makes structure it doesn’t govern the function. Everything in body is getting impulse energy to function from meridians.

This energy in meridian is bio-electric energy in meridians, this electric energy creates its magnetic field in width of 1.5-3 inches around the body surface.  This magnetic field is filled with photons around body surface which could be processed by aura imaging or radius of photonic area could be traced using thermal scanners.

Aura energy field could get decreased in size or deplete due to following reasons

  • Planetary results due to karmic effects
  • Chakra imbalance
  • Vastu Dosha
  • Electro-magnetic radiation of devices
  • Geopathic stress (emf due to geo energies)
  • Conscious negative energies known to be spirits in very rare cases
  • Lifestyle disorder and bad deeds

Self Healing Aura Energy, reason to both problems and cure

Whenever the Aura width around certain part of body is decreased than it means low bio-electric energy in that part of body which in turn means body organs around that part will get low electric energy impulses that means lower organ function. In long term low organ function creates diseases.  Fully depleted electric layer (aura) could give chronic illness.

Now regeneration of this bio-electric energy in blocked meridians could improve the electric impulses in them. Through these meridians the connected organs will get regenerated flow of energy and enhanced organ function. This increased electric energy in meridian structure further increases electro-magnetic field around body and the said Aura energy is enhanced.

To regenerate depleted electric flow in blocked centers there are certain methods, once the flow is revived in concerned meridian the connected organ will function properly and diseases is cured completely.

Aura photography, captured by Kirlian Camera

In the aura image of finger tip, cuts and gap can be seen and a regular glow of light could not be seen there. It means lacks photonic energy in that part, which further mean meridian in that part does not have electric energy. These blocked meridian are connected with whatever organ, they will not function properly.

disease diagnosis by thermal aura photography
thermal aura imaging of chest and stomach from back

Above aura photograph explains two different condition of same person having disease difficulty, in the first image you can see the inflammation of energy which obstructs the energy flow, and second image is after the disease is cured.