What is Human Aura? Science of Person Aura energy

What is Human Aura Energy we will see it with a scientific approach?

To understand what is Aura you must know all about what Energy is? Without knowing the true knowledge of energy, Aura could not be understood. Most of us have image in our mind that aura is spreaded around our body in different colors. This is not true any of the energy fields in this world can never be colorful, energies doesn’t have any color these are colorless. And human aura is nothing but just an Energy.

Basically energy field of body is known as Human Aura, energy field of body is composed of soul and kundalini shakti.

Energy developed by our soul or formless being in us. This energy is pre-natal which means it could not be generated by our body. It’s our spiritual energy developed by awareness about self being, travelling with us from our previous lives. This energy starts depleting after post-natal energy resources developed by body are exhausted due to bad deeds such as sex, fear, anger etc. Good deed in life minimizes the usage of post natal energy and further protects the Soul. It thus further raises consciousness about self and its the only way to increase pre-natal energy.

There will always be a question about what this pre natal energy is made up of and its orgin, no one could explain this and measure this energy. Its the matter of experience and could only be experienced by extensive spiritual awankenings.

Another form of energy is kundalini shakti, which is composed of four factors. Four factors are prana, sexual fluid, bio-electric current in meridians connecting serpent coil and chakra centers. This is the manifested form of energy.

Energy after manifestation produces elements therefore manifestated form could be measured. After its manifestation in elements our body has naturally generate several cells, speed, magnetism, electrons and protons. These creates bio-electric field, temperature and magnetic field around us.

Aura Energy could be measured on following parameters

  • Bio-electric field upto 2 inches in width created due to several electrons in meridians of body.
  • Electro-Magnetic field around body is range till where our body has its magnetism of electrons or protons, or I must say its field of positive clockwise energy and negative anti-clockwise energy. Whatever is stronger wethere electron or protons attracts the same, means negative energy attracts more negativity and positive attracts more positivity.
  • Photon density affecting Weight and Temperature: low frequencies are lighter with low density and cold in nature but as the frequency rise density increases, energy becomes heavy and hot. Our body works on low frequencies therefore lighter and cold energy signifies pure and strong Aura. This could be easily measured by Aura photography and imaging using thermographic technology.