How to read janam kundli ( horoscope or birth chart) in Vedic Astrology, assessing and predicting

Everything in life is energy, our body constitutes of energy. This energy is rays of planets we are getting. In reading a horoscope only strength of energy has to be checked, whether energy is full or deficient.

Deficient and weak energy creates evil and negative results in life, faliures, health problems and sorrows. While full and strong energy give positivity and divinity in life and relations, good health, success, and happiness.

Before moving further you must at least thorough signification of houses and planets, sign owned by planets and sign wise planet’s dignity. These are basics to understand this article.

Strength of planet and House Energy are to be assessed.

Factors affecting Planet’s strength in horoscope

  • Planet is positioned in which sign (exalted,debiliated,own,enemy or friendly)
  • Planet is placed in which house. kendra, trine, trik or upachaya houses. Benefic planets in kendra and trine become strong. Natural Malefic in upachaya are strong. All planet in lagna are strong. All planets in trik (6th,8th and 12th) houses are weak.
  • Planet in conjunction means planet that are in same sign or house. If combination of frienly planet it strengthens the planet, if planet combines enemey it becomes weak. Such as moon conjunctes mercury than mercury becomes weak as mercury finds moon an enemy.
  • Planets in directional strength. Such as Mars in 10th is strong and weak in 4th house of horoscope.
  • Planet aspected by benefic friendly planet becomes strong and aspected by malefic and enemy planet becomes weak.

Factors affecting strength of houses in horoscope

  • The Adhipati or lord of the house is responsible to an immense extent for the control of the house. If lord is strong than house will gain strenght.
  • Planet placed in house if any, good and benefic planet posited in it then evil results related to that house should not be predicted.
  • Natural significator for house must be assessed for its strength.
  • Aspects on house. Benefic aspect increases strenght of house.

Analysis and Study of Horoscope

Whatever query we have, study the planet and house related to that query. Concerned house, natural significator and functional significator of query must be studied properly.

Suppose query is related to wealth, what will be the status of acumulated wealth in below horoscope of native. Than study for

  • Concerned House (For wealth) 2nd house from lagna
  • Naural significator (for wealth) is Jupiter. So see for 2nd house counted from jupiter
  • Functional significator for wealth is Lord of 2nd house
  • 2nd house have jupiter placed in it, its a natural benefic and also functional benefic for cancer lagna. Being a benefic it strengthens the 2nd house. Jupiter shows massive expansion and hugh accumulation of wealth.
  • Here jupiter is 9th lord. Lord of trine 9th house in 2nd strengthens 2nd house.
  • 2nd house from jupiter is third house here, which have exalted mercury in it. A highly strong mercury strengthens 2nd house from jupiter.
  • Now in 2nd house from jupiter which is 3rd house, again it has kendra and trikona lord Mars (highly beneficial planet for cancer lagna)
  • Lord of 2nd house is Sun, placed in quadrant (kendra) house 4th house which makes it strong. Sun conjuncts exalted saturn and mooltrikona placed Venus. Sun Lord of 2nd + 4th Lord conjuncts in kendra.

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