Learn astrology basics, Jyotish shastra

Some basic parameters that must be learned for predicting horoscope

Lord of the week days

Sunday                                 Sun

Monday                               Moon

Tuesday                               Mars

Wednesday                        Mercury

Thursday                             Jupiter

Friday                                    Venus

Saturday                              Saturn

Categorization of Houses

1. Kendras (1st, 4th,7th,10th are Quadrants) – The Lagna, the fourth, seventh and the tenth houses from the lagna are called kendras and the lords of those houses are called lords of kendras, wherever they may be placed in a horoscope.

2. Trikonas (1st,5th,9thareTrines) – The lagna and the fifth and the ninth houses from the lagna are trines. The lords of the fifth and ninth houses have been described as trikonas which is a fallacy. The word ‘tri’ in Sanskrit means ‘three’. Thuslagna lord is both a kendra lord and also the trikona lord.

3. Panapharas (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th are Cadent) – The second, fifth, the eighth and the eleventh houses are known as panapharas.

4. Apoklimas (3rd, 6th,9th,12th are Succudent) – The third, sixth, ninth and the twelfth houses are known as apolklima.

Then a special term used is Upachaya house which are the 3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th and their lords.

Lagna is the most important house as it is both quadrant and trine.

Strength of planet (rays of planet)

Planet in debilitated sign 0% rays

enemy sign has 25%

friendly sign has 50%

Own sign has 75%

Mooltrikona and Exaltion has 100% strength of rays that is being getting to body.

Planet’s exaltion, debiliation, own, mooltrikona, friendly and enemic sign

Categorization of Planets (according to elements, sex, direction)

Agni(Fire) – state of transformation and action – Sun and Mars represents this state. Any transformation, enterprising person

Vayu(Air) – creation – expansion state – Saturn

Jala(Water) – Relaxed, stability, harmony – Moon and Venus

Bhoo (Earthy) – solid, inflexible, leads to consolidation – Mercury usually belongs to all boots esp. earthy nature.

Akasa (Ether) – This is unseen, all pervading nature that is binding all other states together. Jupiter Ex – Intelligence and Wisdom is unseen, but is critical all things.

Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu are male planets

Ketu, Moon, Venus are female planets

Saturn and Mercury are neutral.

Categorization of zodiac signs (according to sex, colour, direction, element)

Even signs are female 2,4,6,8,10,12th signs are female. AND all odd signs 1,3,5,7,9,11th are male in nature.

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