Raj Yoga by Rahu and Ketu. How rahu ketu creates rajyoga in astrology

Understand the karmic nature of Rahu Ketu i.e; planets signifying previous birth and upcoming goals of this birth, being karmic planets they hold the power of maya (illusion) and fruits of previous birth.

Ketu holds the results of previous birth, it signifies past life karma. And Rahu signifies upcoming goals and direction of karma of this life.

Position, traits of sign and Dispositor of rahu and ketu are the main factors for previous and current birth karma.

Following are the condition for raj yoga:

  1. Conjunction of rahu and ketu with raj yogkarka planets gives strong rajyoga also its dispositor must be strong . Ex: rahu placed with venus in aquarius lagna, here venus owning kendra (quadrant) and trikona (trine) becomes yogkarka but it not must be in any malefic house, .
  2. Rahu Ketu positioned in benefic house and its dispositor must also in kendra and trikona. Here it must not conjunct lord of any malefic dushthana house.

Illustration in horoscope of Shahrukh Khan

Here both first and second rule is applicable. Rahu positioned in kendra 10th house, and its dispositor is in trine and also neither of any malefic house and its lord has relation with rahu hence second rule is fullfilled. Even ketu conjuncts yogkarka mars in 4th house kendra.

Illustration of Ram Jethmalani

He got powerful mahadasa of Ketu, positioned in 2nd house of wealth and speech, its dispositer saturn is in trine 9th being the lord of kendra lagna and conjunct exalted mercury.

Illustration of horoscope of businessman with severe losses in rahu mahadasa

Here things are very clear in Rahu mahadasa, rahu conjuct malefic 8th and 3rd lord, rahu conjunct debiliated mars and dispositor of rahu is in 12th house. Hence rahu dasa gave failures and losses.

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