How to judge and predict results of rahu and ketu in horoscope

Basic four rules one must undertand about Rahu and Ketu are

  1. You need to be clear about sign owned by rahu and ketu, Different texts gives conflicting views on it. Rahu owns aquarius and Ketu owns scorpio. I am not commenting on its exaltion sign, as per my experience these planets gives results of aquarius and scorpio sign.
  2. House in which it is placed is always their primary results of its dasha.
  3. Now other than its owing sign they gives results according to thier dispositer, as being karmic planets they are driven by their rulers.
  4. Other than these three factors conjunction is the only factor that must be considered in every case.

These four thumb rules must be kept in mind and should be carefully seen while analysing their results.

Aspects of rahu ketu must not be seen untill you have your own research and experience on its aspects. As different text on astrology gives different aspects such as 5th and 9th aspects like jupiter OR aspects same as saturn (rahu) and mars (ketu).

Here are some illustrations to predict the dasa of Rahu

Illustration 1

Just follow that four steps,

  • owing 2nd house makes rahu markesh
  • positioned in 4th house of mental peace and family environment
  • acting as mars its dispositer which is in 7th house of marital bond and again maraka house
  • no conjuction

Now combing above factors of 2nd H of family ,4th H of mental peace and 7th H of wife with two malefic planets rahu and mars, during rahu dasa mental peace was ruined the native was separated with wife. Rahu being 2nd lord which is 8th counted from 7th. rahu acting as mars which is in 7th house giving relationship issues and rahu giving the result of 7th house mars thus separation.

Illustration 2

Following the steps

  • 9th lord in 6th house things didn’t fructify in rahu dasa, such as loss in investments and mentally stressful phase. but being 9th lord its benefic in nature hence no loss in career.
  • rahu in 6th house of diseases, rahu gave him disease of piles and constipation
  • dispositor mars, 6th lord in 5th house which again increased stomach trouble and also severe health issues to child. during rahu dasa child diagnosed with autism.
  • Conjunction with sun and venus, suffering to wife and social dignity. Wife also suffered health problems and depression.

Illustration 3

  • 3rd lord rahu owning a malefic house is malefic in nature
  • positioned in 2nd house a maraka house, house of mind and wealth. because of malefic nature due to ownership it gave severe psychological imbalance (house of mind) and loss of earnings and wealth. during this phase business came to debts.
  • now dispositer in 6th, house of debts and litigation. during rahu dasa after losses in business the native came to bank debts due to which native’s house sold i mortgage.
  • no conjuctions

Illustration 4

  • owing 2nd house here becomes rahu markesh
  • placed in malefic 12th, house of health sufferings and hospital. Markesh a killer planet in 12th house shows extreme sufferings to health.
  • Now dispositer jupiter in malefic 8th hosue, again hosue of suffering and accidents.
  • no conjunction

During the dasa of rahu this native met with an accident in which right leg fractured and gave him permanent injury to ligaments.

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