Secret of Chakra activation, Energizing the Inactive Chakra

How does chakra activation works

Firstly there is no such thing like activating chakra, chakras are already activated and in working state but it could be energized. If chakras will get stopped working there will be severe damage and organ failure in body.

However it could have blockages and weakness, from several thousands of meredians there can be some meridians which could be blocked or weak in neuro current. But our body doesn’t fail as it has the system of bypasse energy using another meridians, for single purpose there are several meridians, all of them or some of them could be used.When some are bloked or weakened there will be load on others, this may weaken the chakra function.

Proper balance and sufficient neuro current in meridians could make the chakra strong, it must be atleast  4-6 joules energy in every chakra.

Energizing of chakra could be done using many methods from medical science and spiritual practices. However in science of energy, there must be proper cleansing of bloackges before energizing body chakras otherwise there may be increase in problems and negativity.

By any scientific method of energizing one could only fullfill the lost energy of chakra or from its natural state chakra will be temporarily energized to high sized state, but in this method there will be no changes on causal energy levels and size of chakra could not be changed parmanently.

Its only by spiritual practice where chakra’s natural energy size could be increased much more than birth constitution and changes will be upto causal body levels.

Scientific and medical energizing methods are using herbs, pranayam, yoga posture, crystals therapy, colors, metals and nero-current transmission (using zapper, magnets and needling) also some of ancient vedic remedies such as temple parikrama, yantra, donation etc.

Spiritual practices such as mastering mantra of diety, yagya of diety and deep meditation sadhana could cure the damaged structure of chakra and energize the chakra forever.

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