geopathic stress emf pollution is biggest vastu problem

How Geopathic stress causes mental and physical diseases

Try to understand what geopathic stress is, its electro-magnetic energy emitted by Earth same as EMF produced by any device.  It harms our body in a same way as any other EMF pollution does. If high electro-magnetic field could damage our DNA and make body diseased than why can’t Earth’s electro-magnetic field.

Brain works on brainwave frequencies ranging from 2 to 30 Hz, 2 to 30 cylces per second. 2-4 Hz during sleep, 7-8 Hz when in sound state and 15-35Hz during very high activity such as excitement, extensive mental calculation, physical workout or when feeling bliss. Imagine if it goes upto 100 Hz and what if it remains at this stage for long duration. As the working frequency of Brain increases it draws more bio-electric energy from nervous system. Continues usage of bio-electric energy will deplete the Aura energy and body reserves.

The result will be nervous exhaustion, hyperactive thoughts, feels irritated, aggression, depressive tendencies, behavioral disorders and many other serious neurological and nervous disorders.

Prolonged penetration of harmful geo energies in body could damage distort the bio-electric current of meridian, around the geo-energy penetration area of body. (high EMF will modulate the body’s natural frequency). It is proven hormone named “immunoglobulin” which is responsible for immunity, its production starts decreasing in harmful geaopathic stress, with low level of immunoglobulin body can be easily diseased.

How Geopathic stress causes incurable medical problems, It affects body and mind in two ways

  • Firstly, being in geopathic zones for long duration will exhaust bio-electric energy in order to maintain brainwave values. This over burdens the nervous system and depletes the life force while fighting geo-energies.
  • Secondly, high geopathic zone provides survival conditions for negative energies, unnecessary waves or bad bacteria of body. Ayurveda says cause for every disease is par-jeeva, which means viruses and bacteria.

Therefore if we conclude this mechanism, surrounding energies are not favourable to body and mind than either nervous system will be exhausted in resisting it to maintain normal levels or will brainwave values will be distorted by geo-waves. Both the conditions will harm our physical and mental health in some way. Also it is clear that it doesn’t have any direct impact on organs, cells and glands.

How treating geopathic stress could cure mental and physical state

Now after being diseased there are two points must be kept in mind while treating it.

  1. The only reason for diseases is due to loss of life force or say depletion of bio-electric energy
  2. Another is geopathic stress is one of the several reasons for point one, its one of the cause for depletion and losses to life force and aura energy.

Therefore curing geopathic stress will not automatically cure disease, because geopathic energy is not directly harming body organs and mind. However treating geopathic stress will definitely remove the reason for losses and depletion of aura or bio-electric energy, which will further improve the life forces. This enhanced life forces will cure the illnesss.

So generation of life force is the only way to cure mental and physical disease, but in the presence of any harmful energy one of which is geopathic stress energy there will be continuous loss to Body Energy. Therefore generation of life force in before treating geopathic stress will be difficult compare to after treatment.