Necessity to treat Geopathic Stress, does it affects body and mind

First of all understand what geopathic stress is, its energy emitted by Earth same as emf produced by any device. It cannot be tagged as negative energy, it is just an Energy.

How could energy be negative and positive for you, it all depends on what frequencies our enhancing our bodies natural aura energy and which frequencies are distorting it. So not every range of geo energy is harmful, it may also energize your life force energy.

Detection of Geopathic Stress and Necessity to cure it

Diagnosing geopathic stress by any method could give us geo lines , their intersection points and energy levels on Earth. This diagnosis only proves about its presence but not about its harmfulness. Removing geo energy which is not harmful could be hazards for you as because it could lower down the environment energy. Our mind feels blissful and energetic above 15 Hz till 30Hz, so too much lowering of energy is not good.

There is no device easily available which could assess the exact geo energy, also because of several environmental energies it is difficult trace exact value. Therefore in normal course symptoms are the only right method to understand whether you need to cure geo energy or not.

Now understanding it symptomatically is another complexity as because what you are feeling could have many reasons other than Geopathic stress. For instance you may have headache, it can be due to Geopathic stress but it can also have reasons other than Geo energy.

How does it affects your life?

Harmful Geo energies only affect our frequency and waves of mind in a direct way. It could never directly harm your finances, career, relationship or Aura. Disturbed mind frequencies could lower down nervous function and lowers the production of immunoglobulin hormone. Lower immunoglobulin hormone could make body chronically diseased in longer periods.

Weaker nervous function will provide you with behavior disorder, abnormal reactions, weak neurological function such as lower body energy, erectile dysfunction and depression. This will make your Aura weak and depleted aura energy will make others feel negative about you. Creates negative thoughts in our mind. All these are the indirect effects such as lowers down your credits in life, weakens financial condition, affects career and relationship issues.

All these symptoms could never be same for all being living in same house as because as everyone has different life force, different spiritual and physical immunity. Someone could have more physical ailments while other may be not psychologically sound, sometimes there might not be mental and physical problem but will definitely have decreased efficiency and immunity. So in longer period of phases it does harm you to great extent and its never bad to be more efficient  and positive in life if we have methods and awareness about it.