Science of Human Aura photography and images

Does Human Auric field can be processed into images and photos

Our body works on 7 Ray of Light frequency range, which ranges from 400nm to 700nm. Also some part of UR and IR radiation is used by our body as Protective Energies. Frequencies higher and lower than this could disturb our body function. Therefore frequencies in between this range could be said as positive energy for body and outside this range is negative energy.

To photograph Aura energy frequency range of 7 lights are differentiated according to their density and weight. Low frequency has more space between its photon particles, that means lower density and again lower density means lighter and cold in nature. Vice versa high frequency means closer photons means high temperature again means heavier energy. So temperature and weight is the main key technique to process aura.

Energy band around your body could be processed using thermal sensing imaging. In this technique photon density of image is processed, energy heavier and lighter than body spectrum limits will be negative for body.

Energies in the medium of this band (green) is the most positive in nature just because it is far away from last points of the band (blue and red). Energies capture if out of the range of body spectrum means higher level of negative energies and disturbances. It will be extreme cold and hot aura imaging.

  • Temperature: low frequencies are lighter with low density and cold in nature but as the frequency rises density increases, energy becomes heavy and hot. Our body works on low frequencies therefore lighter and cold energy signifies pure and strong Aura. This could be easily measured by thermography used for sensing radiation in body in medical science.
  • Weight: In the upper part of the body near brain and heart energies should be very light and cold, it is observed when energies that must be below navel comes closer to neck the person becomes severely ill or close to death.

Photon density is color less but technical parameters of this density will make it difficult to interpret. Therefore this difference of photon density is represented by colours by application processed mechanism. This signifies energies of different temperature with different colors so that we can differ it. Than width, color and placement of these colors around body tells about condition of body.

Example of Human Aura Photograph Imaging System

Aura Photography of healthy person

Aura photography of your body and representing it with colors will provide your current body-mind state. Such as Color around your head provides information about the self and color in your third eye could reveal your mind state in your present phase of your life. Red color in third eye could also mean presence of some evil spirit energy. Color of every part of body is separately analyzed for health problems. Like in the above aura image middle of the head (third eye) and heart (anahata chakra) region has blue color, which means high positive psychological energy with completely sound mental emotional health.

Wider color bands around body with minimum 12 inches from body and thicker color band means strong Body Aura Energy. Images of different body part is taken to know about its color. Parts with high negative energy has very high frequency, shown in red color. Even photography of different chakra could be taken if chakras has to be checked for negative energy and blockages.

Same technique could be used for sensing environmental energies. Images of different places could be taken to check any house, building sickness or premises for negative energies, even Vastu could be done in a more scientific and promised way by this.