Secret guide to find Vastu defects and remedy, learn vastu shastra

How to find which portion in house has Vastu defect?

Suppose there is too much temperature outside, then either our body’s fluids will start exhausting or body will compensate outside enviornment by raising its own temperature.  What does this mean?

It means elements in our enviornment have direct impact on the five elements inside us. Therefore, every zone or direction of Vastu is related to specific part of us and then further to our life.If there is defect in specific area of Vastu than its related part of our life will face problems.

In the above example of temperature, if we are feeling too much heat than we will take the required measures to treat its external source but before that we must know the source. Therefore, observe for the symptom or problem you are facing and find the match for its connected portion of Vastu.

Now the question is how to understand which area or portion of Vastu is connected to which part of our life? Relation between Vastu and our Life can be calculated in following ways

  • vastu purush and effects on our body
    • It is already described in scared text which body part of vastu purush comes in which zone or direction of hosue. Now we can create a relationship between vastu purush and our mental/physical symptoms.
    • For instance, if you are feeling problem related to headache, dumpness, mental clarity, hormonal imbalance or brain tumour than see head of vastu purush comes under which direction? It comes in northeast zone, which means there might some problem in northeast portion of house
  • 5 elements and its role in our life
    • Our vastu is divided according to elemental energy, direction of vastu has been assinged a element to it. Also our body and life works on these five elements.
    • Now we just need to understand the role and nature of these elements, same as kapha pitta vatta theory of ayurveda. Than establish a relationship between your problem to element and then to its assigned direction of vastu.
    • For example, if there problem related to acidity or low credits to hard work than it is related to fire element. Now we know there might be some problem in southeast corner of house.
  • Position of 45 devatas and their working
    • Supreme energy when manifested into life it is vifercated into many division of energy. Just because we not conscious about this manifestation, there must be some dities to rules different divisions. Our life is a result of many divisions of unconscious forces working on us. 45 devtas are the rulers of these divisions and maintains a balance of karmic result in our life.
    • As you can see in the 45 devatas figure, a portion is assigned to indra dev to fullfill our desires, similarly many parts are also assigned to negative energies such as yam, asuras, gandharv to control the impact and fruits of karma.
    • Now we can correlate, suppose a person is doing sins which is depleting its own life force than it is the thought given by yam and its controlled by direction of yam i.e; south. Its like the punishment is given to native, native will deplete its own energy on its own. Than the suffering of regret will follow him, which futher concludes feeling of regret is also controlled by yam devata.

What are the major factors to treat Vastu dosha?

Below are the main factors that affect energy of vastu purush mandal and can create defect in Vastu:

  • Placement of articles
    • Mirrors, heavy electric appliances, symbols (such as ganesha, pot, decor items), paintings, metals, crystals
    • Use of colours on walls, curtains, furniture
  • Structural effects
    • Main gate entrance
    • Layout of walls
    • Position of toilet, stairs and kitchen
  • Geopathic Radiation (geo-location of premises)

Follow the steps in given order to treat Vastu defects accurately

Note: if the given sequence order is not followed than there are more chances of mistake. Example; you may done have expense in altering the construction of wall or toilet, and even than your problem is not sorted out instead of it problem could be solved just by removing colour or mirror.

  • Elimination of waste

It is the most efficient way to remove vastu dosha, people don’t understand its effectiveness as a remedy. In most of the cases there are no vastu defect other than just waste and unnecessary articles inside premises. In my research I have found just by placement of unused appliances and metals could make you suffer for years without knowing the real cause of problem.

  • Placements of articles
    • Remove or cover Mirrors, mirrors are important and very common vastu dosha wherever we place it in the house. In older times large sized mirrors are always hidden behind curtains or wooden panel. Even if we stand in front of mirrors for long hours our body resources will get exhausted, then what will happen to vastu mandal with continuous opening of mirror.
    • Symbols, paintings, geomatires or elements create the energy of same element;
      1. dont use any idol or painting of god for home decor these are really harmful instead of being positive. Best remedy is to use least symbols or paintings. In older times there must be some reason why they don’t create temples inside house.
      2. Remember if you have suddenly started feeling any problem than easy remedy is to think about recent changes you have made, either it can be placement of new item or displacement of older one.  For instance, purchase of new heavy appliance, painting or shifting of older washing machine or bed.
      3. Elements must be used in similar area of vastu premises. For instance; gas stove in south-east portion, aquarium or water storage in northeast portion.
      4. Note: while treating this part vastu remember to be practicle, don’t need to be precise in inches while placing articles it doesn’t matter, or small water storage like RO must be treated by remedy instead of moving it to northeast, don’t watch for very small sized painting, don’t calculate your observation on day-to-day basis atleast take watch for 3-7 days.
    • Use of colours on walls, curtains or furniture; as a general remedy only extreme lighter shades of white, cream or blue should be used everywhere, either you know the correct area for dark colours or never use darker shades otherwise they can be highly negative. Darker colours must only be used after consultation to enhance directional energy.
  • Structure of Vastu premises
    • Direction of main gate is the most important aspect of vastu other than anything else, if it is placed according to the positive entries than its is beneficial otherwise professional advised must be taken to treat negative door. Just compare your symptoms with mentioned directions if it matches than it is for sure that you are facing the problem because of main door entrance. Note; door in balcony is also counted as entrance into house.
    • Secondly watch for layout of walls, but remember only the outer periphery is of importance which means shape of premises. This doesn’t mean that inner wall doesn’t count in Vastu, but shape is more prior. Shape must not be irregular, extended or cut.
    • After the shape there comes the inner structure. Centre of house the house must be vacant no walls should be constructed there, south and west must have walls of more height than north and east respectively, southwest must have more construction weight than northeast.
    • Kitchen must be in east, southeast or in between southeast-to-south portion
    • Toilets are the least prior vastu defect, if it is in negative position it can be treated easily except for the one in northeast corner