Understanding the science behind unseen Vastu Energies

In ancient time sages have divided whole area into several divisions on the basis of elements or we can say energies, such as they told south east is for fire element which means energies of SE will support fire element.

This categorization of directions on the basis of energies, which explains us Energy of our activity reacts with Energy of direction. These reaction will either have nourishing or distortion effect on both, resultant Energy further affects our body and mind.

Experiment conducted through kirlian technology to analyze Vastu energy

Before going to results of experiment you must know our body require 4-6 joules of electric energy in meridians for body function to occur properly. To maintain this value body uses life force, if your environment is low from this value i.e; below 4 joules than it is obvious body will use more life force compared to when environment energy values are above joules. This means environment must have required energy level so that minimal life force is exhausted by body.

We have analyzed two different rooms for environment energy using sputnik device which processes electric discharge in air.

Negative vastu energies will have low energy value, which can also be concluded as low energy levels means negative vastu. Low energy or negative energy are not good for human living.