what is geopathic stress and how it affects vastu, health and life

What is geopathic stress, harmful geo-energies & Vastu

Geopathic stress simply means studying about stress created by earth on our body and mind. Our Earth has its natural resonating frequency of 7.83 Hz. We humans also have brainwave frequency of 7.83 Hz which is exactly same as oscillating frequency of Earth. Due to this similarity Earth provides us survival frequency. Two different frequencies could distort each other. If internal brain frequency will not be similar to surrounding Earth Energy than, earth energy will start distorting the brainwave energy.

Therefore for our sound physical and mental survival, our surrounding frequencies must be similar to brainwave. So that Brain and Nervous System doesn’t need to resist the outer energy to stay at 7.83 Hz and it get complete nourishment from surrounding energy.

In many areas of Earth this Geo frequency could vary upto 700 Hz or more. This happens due to reasons like underground metals, cracks in earth, water, mines or construction and fault electrical lines. Wherever these condition occurs just above the magnetic lines of Earth, the frequency disturbs and becomes harmful. If intersection of two magnetic lines have these conditions than frequency raises drastically, its even more harmful to body and the place of intersection of magnetic lines if comes inside your house it will distort Vastu Energies.

According to the function and usage of Brain, its frequency could go upto 30 Hz. Therefore Geo-frequencies above 30-40 Hz could create many physical and psychological problems. Because our Brain function ranges in 3-30 Hz and increased geo energy could disturb this brain wave frequency.

Facts and Signs about Geopathic Stress

  • When we are awake, our nervous system can efficiently maintain the brain wave value by fighting the harmful geo energies, but when we sleep nervous system disconnects and doesn’t maintain the waves of brain at that time. Therefore maximum damage due to geopathic stress occurs when we are sleeping at geopathic zone. However it does also affects during awake state but the damage is comparatively very low. In this way it lowers the immune system against external entity to entering body.
  • Life exists if its survival energy exist, therefore without correcting the energy fields its difficult to stop the production of infection and bacteria inside body. And almost every disease of body is due to viruses according to Ayurveda.
  • Every being in this world has operating brain frequency, and it also requires the same favourable environment for its existence. Like cats needs above 40 Hz, insects above 30 Hz, infection and viruses requires above 70 Hz of field.
  •  Horses, cows, sheep and dogs cannot live on geopathically stressed zone. They may become sick or prone to injuries and are often bothered with colic, mastitis and fertility problems.
  • In ancient India, people used to put cows or sheep into plain areas to see where they rest and sleep, they would not sleep in areas of Geopathic stress. The area where they rest is beneficial to built houses or good zones for living and working.
  • Interestingly, some plants and animal species flourish on geopathic stress zones. Cats, bees, wasps and ants survive on it, as are insects in general, moulds and fungi. Therefore there presence around your house is ot good and could be a symptom of negative Geo Energies.

Some of its very common symtopms includes

  • headache, heaviness and not feeling fresh energetic after waking from sleep
  • inside house it feels frustated and irritated, feeling better when not in home, or have tendency to find some work to stay out and avoid going home
  • aggression, irritability, behavioral problems, neurological disabilities in children and attention deficit disorder. These in turn floods you with negative thoughts and relationship issues. Research have shown maximum divorce cases have geopathic point in bedroom.
  • some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, sudden signs of physical aging, dream disturbed and restless sleep.
  • It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, Cardiovascular deficiency, immune deficiency disorders, and chronic fatigue. Its the reason for 99% incurable diseases.