WHAT IS NEGATIVE AURA, Analysis of negative energy

Understanding the Human body’s Negative Aura energy

Aura energy could be positive or negative in nature, How is it so? As I have already explained in many of my articles Aura is just an electro-magnetic field created by Energy. Energy can be of different oscillations, field created by positive energy will hold positive nature likewise field by negative energy will be negative in nature.

Human Aura can be analyzed for presence of different energy composition.  When body is full of natural energy and spiritually divine energy it has Positive Aura Field around it.

But when harmful radiation being absorbed by body, bad karmic deeds, evil spirits, or unconscious negative energy is present in body, such a presence of negativity will emit Negative Aura Field which will be negative in tendency.

What does Negative Aura results in life

Aura Energy is emitted from body, this emitted energy is reflected back to us by entities of Universe one of which is Humans. In this way our own energy comes back and affects us.

  • Negative aura will make others opinion negative about you, therefore will reduce your influence over others.
  • Reduced infleunce will decrease attraction and progress in life.
  • Will give negative emotions to mind. Thoughts of doubtfulness, jealous, fear, lust, irritation etc.
  • Negative emotions will decrease your efficiency to perform.
  • Attracts more hardships and struggle in life.
  • Will not get complete fruits to own work

Analysis of Negative Aura energy

  • According to medical science magnetic field of positive aura must be of minimum 2.5 meter in radius for both men & women.
  • Brain must be closer to Schumann frequency 7.83Hz.
  • Body energy spectrum must be in between visible light spectrum and some part of UV IR, 300~1000 nm.
  • Lighter photon density around major energy centers (chakras) of body when photographed by aura thermal imaging.

Disturbance seen in these parameters could be concluded as presence of negative energy. If radius goes below 2.4mt is a sign of negativity and brainwave function is at higher frequency above 70Hz for most of the time is also sign of negativity. Inflammation around chakras of body says the same about Aura.

Methods to measure Aura Energy parameters

  1. Radius can be measured using sample frequency detector, here saliva sample is taken.
  2. Bio current of meridians, organs and chakras could be analyzed using kirlian aura imaging.
  3. Brainwave frequency devices one of which is EEG could be used for state of brain.
  4. Photon density around body could be checked by using thermo-graphic aura photography.

Bigger positive aura radius gives sound mental and physical health and also good influence over others hence a successful career.A positive powerful aura gives a natural attraction, socially popular persona and such people could achieve whatever they think. Dominant positive Aura provides spiritual immunity against negative energies.

Studies have shown people with more than 3 meters of positive aura has always done good in life but if its above 4-5 meters could provide extra ordinary achievements in life.