How Planets predict fame & success, Career in astrology

Every astrology text says 10th house of horoscope is house of profession and career, successes, achievements, name and fame must be seen from 10th house of horoscope. But How is it correct and why?

Sages in Indian Vedic Astrology have said 10th house tells about your reputation, social status and others perception about your personality. 10th house being the point of mid-heaven ( highest point ) is natives persona. 10th house is about thoughts and perception others have about you when they see you, hear you, talk with you or meet you.

Its understood whoever will have successful career will have a strong reputation, high status or positive perception of others. In other words to be a professional achiever your horoscope must have astrological combination yoga for these aspects. A strong and positive 10th house doesn’t confirms about materialistic achievements, wealth and professional dignity but even than it does bestows these qualities as liking by others and social respect.

There are many examples where people have wealth and material progress, but afflicted 10th house gives them negative public image or are ill-reputed for some reason.

7th house ( Bhavat Bhavam 10th house counted from10th house )

House of others or opposition, tells about winning over opposition. Without winning over others one could be successful, skills and abilities are not sufficient to be successful, one must have positive energy that dominates competitors. Its the house of reserve energy, which tells about where this energy is utilized in life. It is this energy which is utilized in the act of sexual union or can be transformed in some other act, for some kind of desire to achieve.

10th and 7th house are the primary houses for career and professional success. Than there can be several other supporting factors for success but experience have shown great achievers has extremely powerful 5th and 9th house. As the Bhavat Bhavam is applied on 10th house we get 7th. Likewise when applied on 9th house, counting 9 from it we get 5th house and applying it to 5th counting 5 we get 9th house.

5th house is the house of attraction, magnetic powers, love, fruits of previous birth and 9th house signifies utilization of that fruits, knowledge about powers. These houses provides luck and fortune, strong and bigger Aura. Some general combination for such high Aura energy

  • 5th and 9th lord in own and exaltion sign
  • Dispositor of 9th lord in own or exalted sign
  • 9th lord in neech-bhang rajyog
  • Lagna lord associated with 5th and 9th house or their lords
  • 5th and 9th lords in kendra or trikona and their dispositor is in strength

Astrological combination to achieve great professional success and high status in life

  • Lord of 10th in quadrant or trine houses
  • Lord of 7th in quadrant or trine
  • Lord of 7th in exaltion or own sign
  • Relationship in between 5th and 9th house
  • 5th or 9th house lords if posited in 7th or 10th house without the malefic influence
  • 7th or 10th lords are associated with 5th or 9th lords either in kendra or trikona to moon or lagna
  • Lagna or 5th or 9th lords on one side and 7th or 10th lords on other are in mutual kendra to each other. This must in quadrant to either Lagna or moon ( the more of them are involved in yoga more beneficial it is )

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